In Heaven Everything Is Fine EP

by Pity Party

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Sarah - vocals
Julien - guitar
Chris - drums
Rudy - bass
Dustin - guitar


released August 13, 2015

For Josh and Bob.



all rights reserved


Pity Party Oakland, California

Drinking 40s, eating burritos.


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Track Name: Anniversary
Straight and fast, I’ll find my way,
Before my eyes give me away,
You smoke to live, I smoke to die,
Another drag, I’m still alive.

If you to forget what we’ve learned,
You’ll find another page unturned.
Nostalgia creeps, I can’t find sleep,
Help me to hide, free from my mind.

Looked to the sky,
Well blind faiths a waste of time,
So, with no god above to help me through,
Guess I'll just sit here black and blue.

Tide rips through my ocean brain,
The push. the pull, he takes, he takes.
I’m filled with hate, I can’t see straight,
Echoes of home, leave me alone.

Straight and fast, I’ll find my way,
There is no solace through the day.
You smoke to live, I smoke to die,
Another drag, I’m still alive.
Track Name: Nightmare On Oak Street
Moments bitter, moments cold,
Reminders we are all alone.
When all our parents drink too much,
And all our lives are too fucked up.

We all watch good friends pass,
And find that good things never last.

Streets are bitter, concretes cold,
I'm searching for a place called home.
When rainclouds find me dark and grey,
I'm giving up on better days.
Suicide's the best escape,
It's dangerous to fuck with fate.
We compensate and drink too much,
And realize we are all fucked up.

Try to cope as good friends pass,
Accepting good things never last,
Alone to brave the overcast.
Track Name: Fuckboy of the Year
Wrist slips from your grip,
But I’m still, I’m still holding tight.
With you by my side,
Well, I’m alone tonight.
Your heart lies at the bottom,
Of the amber in your bottle,
Where do I belong?
You’re too far gone.

We fall apart,
We are our scars.
Beside myself,
Pain meant to be felt.
Though I miss the rain,
You’re a hurricane.
Drown in your pain,
The things you say.

I will not stay,
This is your game.

Where do I belong, you're too far gone?
This all ends just as it began.
Track Name: Clumsy Feet (But The Tanqueray Straight Had Me)
Clumsy feet, will you take me home?
One more drink, and I’ll brave the road.
Past pushes forward, can’t run from this,
Who will hold me up, as I sink to the abyss?

Blindfold my eyes, with ignorance comes bliss.

The weighted fall, and all the bullshit,
the pain of loss, of ghosts we miss.
And each night, when I find you in my dreams,
There’ll be no rest, 7 years still bereaved.

Brevity of life, mortality of self.
Track Name: Ice Cream Social
Leave me in the cold,
We are a fire raging slow,
Liquored tongues lay thick,
Your words stay slurring as they drip.

Light cannot exist,
In your shadow, I am darkest.
Empty heart holds no remiss,
For time spent at your finger tips.

Alcohol, it numbs your pain,
For me the razor does the same.
Pick our poisons with intent.
This world is not where we are meant.

These are nights I hate the most,
Bad dreams stay haunting like a ghost.
Heavy eyelids hold our past,
While we are going nowhere, fast.
Misery loves company,
I’ll go now with integrity,
You’re begging for my sympathy,
I think it’s time for me to leave.
Track Name: Party Stops
I am closed,
This heart has seen too many fires,
Now its frozen solid.
I'm cold enough,
Old enough to know nothing good will ever stay.
So take this pain,
Nothing but these brittle bones begging to be left alone.
I know, if I am only broken what makes this worth hoping for?

Open roads,
Have always felt like home but, how am I to know?
I had to leave.
While mama drowned each beautiful moment in whiskey.
Bottles they hurt,
But, the fire of your words will always burn me worst.
It's like the ocean waves,
A push and pull consistent but never meant to stay.
Track Name: Union Square Punk Rock Blues
When you become accustomed to a completely numb state,
starting to feel anything again is heart wrenching.

It's a funny thing.

It's like watching yourself drown from a distance,
feeling the water seep deeply into your lungs,
but not being able to dive into the water and pull yourself ashore.

There is no middle ground to walk on, only up and down,
the extremes to live between.
A never ending roller coaster at an amusement park that will never close.

So then the question is asked: Which is the worse terror? Jumping from the burning building and falling to your death, or feeling the flames lick up and down your body while being burned alive?

I choose to fucking die.